MaxMix offers solutions to your slash or downed wood problems.  In a time where traditional slash removal techniques such as pile and burn are less feasible we offer a solution.  MaxMix has a Rayco 1754-240 horizontal grinder that is fed by a Doosan 180X excavator that we can use to grind your slash problems away. 


The heart of MaxMix is our Rayco 1754-240 horizontal grinder.  It is self propelled and tracked so the machine can be positioned precisely in any terrain that our excavator can reach. The grinder works in tandem with the excavator as it is remotely operated by the excavator operator, who also loads the grinder.  The grinder's cutting head is 54" wide and quickly processes excavator loads of slash.  

For smaller jobs, such as brush removal, or creating defensive space around a home or farm our horizontal grinder is far more effective than a hand loaded wood chipper.  What would be hours of manual loading we complete in minutes.


For larger jobs, such as slash reduction after timber harvest, we can process whole trees and logs up to 15 inches round. Larger logs can be processed by splitting the log into managable pieces using the teeth on the excavator bucket.  Limbs, tops, and other slash is no match for Maxmix.