Artisanal Redwood Slabs 


Our redwood slabs are sourced from our private forest near Blue Lake, north Humboldt County, CA, which is sustainably managed under a Nonindustrial Forest Management Plan, certified by Forest Certification Systems (FCS)  and American Tree Farm System (ATFS). Our slabs are milled from legacy wood pieces left undisturbed on the forest floor after early and mid 20th century timber harvests. Any stumps we use had spontaneously pulled out of the ground after being released from tension when their boles (trunks) were harvested. We never dig up old growth and later stumps; these remain as wildlife habitat and erosion control. 

We maintain an inventory of 3" thick slabs of various sizes, and we can create slabs of custom thickness for you, using our Peterson mill. Slabs in our inventory are allowed to air dry over several months to maximize stability. 

These are a few examples of how redwood slabs are utilized. 

Prices available on request. 

Airport stools.JPG
Counter w Anderson window.JPG
coffe table top.JPG
Cs Bar Close up.JPG