Woodland Restoration 

Orchard before 2.JPG
Orchard Restoration One Year After.JPG

Northern California's rich agricultural history in expressed in old woodland of heirloom fruit varieties which are once again prized. Restoration reduces years of overgrowth, which allows the remaining trees to increase their future growth. This demands both heavy equipment (excavator and horizontal grinder) and hand labor (using chain saws and other hand tools) to remove, but the results are rewarding, as these photos show. 


Oak woodland restoration has recently become more feasible in Northern California, to reverse the overgrowth of Doug fir and encourage white and black oak. A recent change in CalFire timber stocking rules to lessen the minimum trees per acres that must be restocked now allows restoration of woodlands which favor oak and more open landscape favorable to livestock. This work requires an LTO and heavy equipment, as well as hand labor.